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I’m Aishah, a Certified Holistic Life Coach & holistic lifestyle educator, online influencer, author, speaker & self care expert teaching the idea that being healthy starts in the mind and that learning how to intentionally nourish your whole self will allow you to manifest a life you love.

In 2014, I lost my job, Lost My Mother suddenly to a rare form of cancer and 3 days later my 5 year relationship ended. I went through an emotional, spiritual, mental and financial breakdown. 

1 year later I enrolled in a Detox program that focused on mental, emotional and physical healing and wellbeing. I loved it so much that I decided to enroll in their educators training program and began teaching others how to detox emotionally, mentally and physically.

I don’t believe you should struggle trying to figure out how to Live a Healthy, Balanced and Fulfilled Life. I know how to detox and renew on all levels and I want to take you step by step on this journey of Self Love, Self care and Whole Life Wellness.

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Become the Greatest Expression of Who You Are