The latest detox trend is here! What does celery and cucumber juice really do in your body? If you want to boost your veggie intake and want to be healthy at the same time, celery and cucumber juice is great!


Great source of vitamins

Celery and cucumber juice contain vitamin K and A which helps in enhancing the eyesight. Vitamins are important for making blood clots in the body, which helps to prevent excess bleeding during injury. It can also help maintain or improve the appearance of the skin

Weight Regulator 

Both contain low calories. Drinking celery and cucumber juice can keep you full without gaining extra pounds.

Prevent hair loss

Both celery and cucumber can promote reduce hair loss and stronger nails.

Good for digestion

Both celery and cucumbers contain dietary fiber. Dietary fiber can help regulate bowel movement.

Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents




2 cucumbers

10 stalks of celery

5 kale leaves

1 apple, halved

1 lemon, peeled


Process all of the ingredients through a juicer.

Pour and serve immediately.

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