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I have always had a strong thirst for knowledge, its something that feeds my mind, body and soul. I developed this insatiable appetite for speaking inspiration, teaching and sharing this knowledge as a young woman, listening to a Marianne Williamson cassette tape with my Mom. I can remember saying, “Mom, I want to do that someday,” She smiled and told me, “You will”. 

It took many years to embrace my destiny and if it weren’t for my Mother I never would have. In January 2014, I lost my job, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and I was in a very toxic relationship. I was underweight, unhealthy and depressed. 12 months later, December 10, My Mother passed away, I was still unemployed and 3 days after losing my mother, my then boyfriend broke up with me.

I was at the lowest point of my life, broken in every aspect of my existence. On the verge of suicide, I moved in with my brother to try and keep what little sanity I had left. It was the best decision I could’ve made for myself. I began to pray with him, and to have his support, guidance and love really helped me get through the darkest moments of my life.

I began working 84 hours a week, traveling and this helped me not face the fact that I was carrying a lot of emotional baggage and toxic energy around losing my Mother. I came across an old text message from my Mother in an old phone and she said, “Aishah, I cant wait to see you speak all over the world.” I began to cry and I knew that I couldn’t quit or give up, that the foundation she laid for me, I had to return to it. I couldn’t escape the pain anymore, I had to face it, I had to heal.

I came across a Lifestyle Detox Program in Atlanta, they specialized in holistic healing and I knew it was a Godsend. I had already studied health and life coaching but I needed something deeper. I enrolled and fell in love with everything that I was learning and decided to enroll in their Educators Certification program. Soon after I was teaching classes to help others heal from emotional trauma, detox their bodies, and renew their minds.

Now, I have taken the knowledge from my Mother, my life experiences and the certifications in life coaching, health coaching, detox therapy and leadership and Coach & Speak on Living Healthy Lifestyles throughout the Country.

“I know the plans I have for you, Plans to Prosper you, Plans to Give You Hope & a Future” – Jeremiah 29:11