Mind Detox

Creating a new belief system is fundamental to success in every area of our lives. It is our beliefs that determine our actions, perceptions, attitudes and ultimately our destiny. Utilizing a form of Energy Psychology, Aishah works with individuals one on one utilizing muscle testing to access the subconscious beliefs that are literally blocking success, happiness, love and abundance. Through “re-scripting” Aishah, helps her clients create a new and empowering belief system, one that will provide the foundation for a creating an Abundant & Joyous Life.

Body Detox

Transitioning to a Vegan or plant based lifestyle can be challenging. As a Certified Healthy Lifestyle Educator, Certified Detox Therapist and a 10 year vegan, Aishah uses her knowledge to support Women seeking to transition to a plant based lifestyle.

Emotional Detox

Our emotions are powerful. They are energy in motion and when we have painful or traumatic experiences that we have not completely recovered from, the stored emotions can become trapped inside the body. Utilizing a form of Energy Psychology, Aishah works with her clients one on one to identify the trapped emotions and release them through a powerful holistic process.