Aishah Speaks to Youth, Colleges, Women Organizations & Corporations on topics Surrounding Health & Wellness.




Learn How to: Get Healthy through Plant Based Nutrition.

In this Interactive session participants learn how to eat clean, get healthier and feel better using plant based nutrition.

  1. Understand how important detoxing is and how it can transform your life.

  2. Learn what foods naturally detox your body, vitalize & energize you.

  3. Learn the importance of what Foods to stress and anxiety.

  4. Learn how pH influences the health of your body.

  5. Detox Demos


ELEVATING YOU: Holistic living

for Moms


Learn How to: Implement Holistic Self Care to tap into your inner power to create miracles in your life.

  1. Learn how to increase your personal confidence using mindset techniques.

  2. Learn how to eliminate fear and step into your purpose by identifying your unlimited power.

  3. Learn the 7-step process to achieve optimal well-being.

  4. Learn tips to achieve emotional wellbeing

  5. Manage Stress & Anxiety using Simple & Efficient Strategies


Emotional Healing: Open the door for love & abundance

  1. Learn how to Remove subconscious Beliefs Blocking your Success

    2. Learn How to Detox Your Body Using Plant Based Nutrition

    3. Learn How to Remove Toxic Negative Emotions

    4. Learn How to Write a New Story





Learn How to:

  1. Eat healthy and clean on a budget.

  2. Learn how to manage stress using holistic self care.

  3. Learn how to develop a motivated mindset so you can stay consistent with your goals

  4. Create a positive self image using Affirmations & Creative Visualization

  5. Stay focused using plant based nutrition




I AM Pretty: Improve Self Image & Self Esteem in Young Girls through Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Learn How to:

  1. Create a Positive Self Image using Tapfirmations

  2. Understand your Emotional Triggers and Effective Communication strategies

  3. Incorporate healthy eating habits into your lifestyle

  4. Love yourself and understand what true love is

  5. Set Goals and Create a Vision for your future



Corporate Health & Wellness:

Natural Alternatives to Improving Productivity, Reducing Stress & Creating Healthier Employees